Powering sustainability with innovative renewable carbon fermentation

Our Mission

Reducing companies’ scope 3 GHG emissions with carbon neutral biomaterials

To combat global warming, governments around the world are increasingly encouraging companies to adopt more sustainable practices. What began with the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) could culminate in a globally enforceable price on carbon dioxide emissions of $215 per tonne by 2030. This will put existential pressure on most of today’s value chains. We are here to create new viable value chains based on carbon neutral biomaterials.

Our Vision

Fermenting renewable carbon for generational life quality

We envision a future where a high quality of life, supported by sustainable products and services, is accessible to all. This will be achieved through natural processes, without compromise or regret. Value chains based on precision fermentation will replace value chains based on crude oil and vegetable oil. Our consumption today will no longer jeopardise the quality of life of our children and future generations.

Our journey

Unwaveringly committed to
sustainability and shareholder value,
now and in the future.

During the pandemic, 4 friends, Philipp, Tyll, 
Jonas and Max have an idea: making renewable 
oil from waste materials – using their knowledge from their bioengineering studies they patent 
a technology to convert CO2 into carbon neutral oil.

To finance their idea, they apply for EXIST funding and their application is approved for a record €4.1 million. The team is employed at the TU Hamburg and, thanks to the funding, starts laboratory production of renewable oil.


Driven by the strong interest in the products from companies and investors, the founding team decided to co-found COLIPI GmbH.


With a state-of-the-art fermentation laboratory, extensive oil analysis resources and more than a decade of experience in industrial biotechnology, Colipi GmbH has earned the trust of major corporations as their preferred R&D service partner. Its track record includes the successful completion of numerous commercial projects, leading to the initiation of further collaborations.

Our Insights

Our Team

Maximilian Webers

Co-Founder & CEO

Tyll Utesch

Co-Founder & Head Carbon Capture & Utilization

Jonas Heuer

Co-Founder & Head of Product Development

Philipp Arbter

Co-Founder & CTO

Let's explore mutual opportunities

We are looking for first-mover companies that are passionate about sustainability and want to make a positive change by adopting our Climate Oils as well as investors and potential partners to supply us with CO2 or organic byproducts for value creation. Get in contact with us and let’s work together.

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